Energy Management Display

Modular Communications Interface for Energy Management (CTA-2045-A)

Imagine a smart city that runs mostly on hydro-electric power from a dam, but relies on a diesel generator for additional power when the dam can’t generate enough. Maybe the diesel generator is only needed on hot days when everyone’s running air conditioners. It costs the electric utility extra to run the diesel generator, so whenever it’s running consumers pay a higher rate. If consumers understood this, and allowed the utility to exercise control over their energy usage, it might be possible for the utility to manage demand in a way that would avoid use of diesel – say by turning off hot water heaters after everyone’s had their morning showers. This would save everyone money and eliminate the carbon emissions from the diesel generator. ANSI/CTA-2045-A describes a standard socket and communications protocol that appliance makers can include on their products, making this type of control possible. Appliance makers can provide the same interface on all products. Consumers select an appropriate communications module to plug into their appliances based on the networking system (LonWorks, Wi-Fi, etc.) in their homes.

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