Intelligent Mobility

Inclusive, Audio-based, Network Navigation Systems for All Persons including those Who are Blind/Low Vision (ANSI/CTA-2076)

Think about the signs you see in airports, shopping centers, train stations and elsewhere that help you find your way around. Now imagine what it would be like if you were visually impaired. How would you know which direction to walk if you wanted to buy a ticket? How would you know where the escalators are, and what direction each escalator is moving? Visually impaired people can discover these and many other facts using wayfinding systems. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and similar technologies can be used to pinpoint a person’s precise location within a venue. Then, knowing the person’s location and direction of movement, a wayfinding system can provide audible and haptic cues to help with navigation. CTA-2076 describes how to provide such cues, regardless of which wayfinding system you’re using.

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