Color Codes for Outdoor TV Receiving Antennas (ANSI/CTA-2028-B R-2019)

Color Codes for Outdoor TV Receiving Antennas (ANSI/CTA-2028-B R-2019)

Imagine it’s raining and you want to capture a quart of rainwater. In a heavy downpour you can set a bucket on the ground and it will start filling up rather quickly. In a light rain it will fill up much more slowly, and to reach your quart target you might have to take extra measures like unfolding a tarp to capture rainwater over a wider area and let it drain into the bucket. Television signal reception operates on a similar principle. The weaker a TV signal is at your location the larger antenna you’ll need for good reception, all else being equal. ANSI/CTA-2028-B R-2019 was developed to help consumers choose an outdoor TV antenna that’s appropriate for the free over-the-air TV stations the consumer wants to receive. It establishes color codes for different classes of antenna – yellow when the strongest TV signals are present, violet when weak signals are present, and other codes in between.

Updated: December 2019

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