Indoor TV Receiving Antennas Performance Standard (ANSI/CTA-2032-B R-2019)

Indoor TV Receiving Antennas Performance Standard (ANSI/CTA-2032-B R-2019)

Receiving TV signals with an indoor antenna can be challenging. Getting through the walls of a building weakens a TV signal. Not only do walls weaken a signal, they can reflect it, too. That’s largely why walls weaken the signal – some of the energy is reflected off the wall and some makes it through. So the portion of a TV signal that makes it through the walls to get to the room where your antenna is might then have some of its energy reflect off the walls in your room, resulting in multiple versions of the signal arriving at your antenna at slightly different times. TV receivers are able to handle these reflections up to a point and still give you a nice picture, but if the interference is too severe … or the TV signal is too weak after passing through the walls, the receiver won’t be able to produce a picture. ANSI/CTA-2032-B R-2019 describes minimum performance criteria for indoor antennas that should help them focus on the strongest arriving signal while paying less attention to reflections.

Updated: December 2019

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