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Recommended Practice for ATSC 3.0 Television Sets, Physical Layer (CTA-CEB32.2)

Free over-the-air TV – the ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and other local channels you get for free just by attaching an antenna to your TV set if there are stations in your community – converted to digital back in 2009. The technical standards for these digital TV broadcasts were developed by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC). ATSC has continued to improve the system, with its latest suite of standards called ATSC 3.0. ATSC 3.0 makes it possible for local broadcasters to transmit 4K Ultra HD signals with high dynamic range and other features. ATSC 3.0 also lets broadcasters incorporate an internet connection into their service, enabling customized content for individual viewers. Broadcasters can also use ATSC 3.0 to make mobile reception possible. All these features will only be available on ATSC 3.0-compatible TV receivers. When TVs receive signals they process them in several steps – first capturing and processing the overall signal, then processing the audio, video and other information. CTA-CEB32.2 makes recommendations to TV receiver manufacturers on how to first capture and process the overall signal.

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