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Securing Connected Devices for Consumers in the Home – A Manufacturer’s Guide (CTA-CEB33)

The Internet of Things – or IoT – refers to the wide variety of devices that are now connected to the internet. These include things like thermostats, doorbells, speakers, and many other devices commonly found in the home. Some consumers may not think about security when they’re setting up and using these devices. After all, what could a cybercriminal learn from a thermostat? However, based on your usage patterns, it might be possible to determine whether you are home or not simply by observing your thermostat settings. Cybersecurity is a team effort. There are things product designers can do to help make it more likely that a connected product will be secure, and consumers can adopt good security practices toward the same end. CTA-CEB33 recommends things product designers can do to make it more likely that an IoT device will be secure.

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