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Standard Method of Measurement for Digital Versatile Disc-Video Players (CTA/CEDIA-896-A S-2019)

Nowadays there are several different DVD formats in use. The most common ones are Blu-ray and standard DVD format. Blu-ray is the more advanced, higher definition format. Standard DVD format has been around for decades, and many people still have vast libraries of content in standard DVD format. CTA-896-A was published in 2002 and describes a suite of test signals that can be used to test the performance of a standard DVD player. When it was published back in 2002, CTA (then the Consumer Electronics Association) published a companion DVD test disc that had the CTA-896-A test signals on it. The user could play the disc in a DVD player to test the player’s performance. The test disc is out of production and no longer available. CTA-896-A does not address Blu-ray players, and CTA has not developed a similar suite of test signals for Blu-ray players.

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