Testing and Measurement Methods for In-Vehicle Audio Amplifiers (ANSI/CTA-2006-C)

Testing and Measurement Methods for In-Vehicle Audio Amplifiers (ANSI/CTA-2006-C)

Have you ever turned up the volume on a device and heard loud, but distorted audio? Product designers expect the volume to be set within some range, and they design their products to produce clear audio in that range. The range varies from product to product based on the designer’s goals. If the volume control is set above the range for which the product was designed, the device might produce distorted audio. Different products might say they’re capable of producing the same amount of audio power, but one of them might produce very distorted audio at that level while the other might produce crystal clear audio at the same level. How can a potential buyer identify which is which? That’s the problem this standard addresses. It describes a standard way to test amplifiers to determine the power level at which each amplifier’s audio will have too much distortion. It also describes how to measure other characteristics like the amount of noise in the audio. Amplifiers that produce clear audio at higher power levels will have higher power ratings. ANSI/CTA-2006-C applies to amplifiers for use in vehicles.

Updated: December 2019

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