Consumer Electronics Networking

Web-based Protocol and Framework for Remote User Interface on UPnP™ Networks and the Internet (WebCE) (ANSI/CTA-2014-B R-2019)

Navigating websites on your computer, tablet or phone, and navigating channels on your TV are different experiences. With the TV you’re typically using up/down/left/right arrows and an okay/select button. On the computer, tablet or phone you’re typically using a mouse or finger to click on selected items, and a keyboard to enter text. ANSI/CTA-2014-B creates a translation system of sorts, so TVs and other home theater equipment can be controlled by devices like computers, tablets or phones. It describes a way for TVs, set-top boxes, home theater systems, etc. to automatically discover potential remote control devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) and vice versa, and it enables all of the devices in the system to communicate using common computer networking languages. ANSI/CTA 2014-B describes how home theater equipment and remote control devices can display information and act on commands in a way that will be pleasing to the user.

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